From simple kitchen and bath renovations to dormers, room additions and custom home construction we have the resources to give you 100% of our attention.

We have worked with investors and developers looking to maximize their profits on their real estate investments to homeowners wanting nothing more than a perfect home that suits their life style.  When you call Ultimate Builders you will have the advantage of having 15 years of our experience at your disposal.

Our portfolio includes projects such as single family home renovations to apartment building renovations to multi-unit condo conversions and remodels.
Our commercial and retail clients include names such: Subway, Remax, Work N Gear, Bedding Experts,
Industrial clients such as: Siemens, Con-Form Industries, Del Medical

Ultimate Builders, Inc. provides its customers with:

  • No obligation consultation and free estimate
  • Personalized architectural design services
  • Consulting in all aspects of remodeling
  • Large selection of brands and products
  • Permits and variances acquisitions
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Job supervision and coordination

    Over the last several decades, the way we approach kitchens and cooking has changed dramatically. While your mother or grandmother, made things from scratch, you are probably much more likely to improvise. At the same time, the variety of gadgets, big and small, as increased tenfold. Just thinking about it might make you wish for more counter space. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

    Bathrooms see a lot of use and can often be the room in your home that takes the hardest beating. Luckily, remodeling a bathroom is generally quite efficient and affordable. Furthermore, a new, professionally constructed bathroom can significantly increase the value of your home. Doesn’t seem to be much of a downside does there? (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

    When remodeling your basement, the most important thing you can do is decide beforehand how you would like to use the space.A basement can be transformed into one or several rooms, into a bedroom, a living room, a game room, a study, a bar, an exercise room, a media/theater room or a combination and can include bathrooms or even a fireplace as well? (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

    You may have been thinking for quite some time that you need some extra space, but by the time you get around to planning a room addition you should have a clear notion of the purpose behind the extra space you’d like to create.(CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)