Room Additions / Four Season Rooms

You may have been thinking for quite some time that you need some extra space, but by the time you get around to planning a room addition you should have a clear notion of the purpose behind the extra space you’d like to create.

Rooms that people commonly add on to their homes include sun rooms, game rooms, bedrooms, studies. These rooms provide additional space for day to day living, increase comfort and, often are that “room of one’s own” we all long for. You may also consider a three season or a screen room that can be used to either enclose your existing deck or as a new structure. Once you’ve decided on the type of addition that suits your needs you should analyze your budget along with features that you would like to entail.


The next step to taking action toward adding on to your living space is choosing an architect to draft plans for you. You may be tempted to draw some plans on your own but keep in mind that most cities require that plans for home additions are stamped by a certified and licensed architect prior to the issuance of permits. Ultimate Builders has strong working relationships with several architects that may be right for you. Working with one of our referred architects gives you much more insurance that the project will stay within the budget. Many architects fail to ask for your budget or don’t grasp the concept of the cost of construction.

When working with an architect, make sure to share your vision for the space with them so that plans and, eventually, the final product match your expectations. Both you and your architect should maintain a strong understanding of your plans throughout the process. It’s important that your cement your vision and communicate it to the architect as much as possible before construction starts. It’s much more likely that the space will be what you desire if plans aren’t being changes after building has already begun or been half completed.
With a completed blueprint we can apply for a building permit and start planning the timeline of the construction. Rest assured that when you contact Ultimate Builders you will not be alone. Over the years we have completed many Room Additions. Even though your project can be very unique chances are that we have completed one that has many similarities. Our vast experienced will be your projects foundation.